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Solstice Coil Bangles (set of 10)

Solstice Coil Bangles (set of 10)

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Express your authenticity, beautiful energy, and impeccable style by adorning your arm with the Solstice Coil Bangles. These gorgeous bracelets feature a simple design, with rounded flares on both ends.  

  • Sold as a set of 10
  • Fits most wrist sizes.
  • Very easily adjustable which makes it perfect for small and Large wrists.
  • Materials: Raw brass; High quality plated gold, silver, and rose gold metals

*Brass and plated metal like all Metals will patina (tarnish) over time. Some faster than others depending on many factors like sweat, water, moisturizers etc. It really depends from person to person. The wonderful thing about brass and metals, you can clean it within a few minutes with any brass cleaner like Brasso or Tarnx.  It will restore the shine back instantly. 

You can also use natural cleaners like Ketchup, toothpaste, lemon etc. These methods take a little longer to clean, but very effective as well.

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